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qinhuangdaoVacuum heat treatment parts

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qinhuangdaoVacuum heat treatment parts

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真空热处理件Vacuum heat treatment parts



___________ can prevent oxidation decarburization reaction, make the surface to keep the original bright and clean surface. Dispense roughing process, save the cutting tool and machining time, reduce the cost. 

This vacuum furnace indoor temperature uniformity (temperature + 5 ℃ or less), the workpiece heated evenly, quenching deformation is small, uniform hardness; 

3. Vacuum degassing effect of harmful gas in the metal, will escape, at high temperature is beneficial to provide metal mechanical properties; 

4. Compared with the ordinary heat treatment, vacuum heat treatment can prolong the service life of mold or parts; 

⒌ vacuum heat treatment, clean environmental protection, no pollution, high degree of automation. 


USES: can be used in the vacuum quenching, tempering, annealing, quenching, aging, degassing and so on. 


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