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Vacuum heat treatment is a vacuum technology combined with heat treatment technology

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Vacuum heat treatment is a vacuum technology combined with heat treatment technology

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Vacuum heat treatment is the combination of vacuum technology and heat treatment technology of new heat treatment technology, vacuum heat treatment a vacuum environment is lower than an atmospheric pressure of the atmosphere environment, including low vacuum, moderate vacuum, high vacuum and high vacuum, vacuum heat treatment also belong to the controlled atmosphere heat treatment. Vacuum heat treatment parts refers to the whole and part of heat treatment process in a vacuum, vacuum heat treatment can achieve almost all of the conventional heat treatment process of heat treatment can involve, but heat treatment quality greatly improved. 

Vacuum heat treatment process mostly cycle operation, is a collective action. Heat treatment process, therefore, there is work boundaries are not clear, such as a batch of parts quenching may be performed by two shifts, quenching and tempering are often performed by two shifts, etc., combined with the homework personnel quality is uneven, perfect management measures are small enough, production process often appear quality problem. And after problems, analyzing problems, find the reason, not only time-consuming, laborious, sometimes even can not find out the real reason. 

Each of these artifacts must be from the above three kinds of heat treatment on the comprehensive consideration, can obtain the optimal heat treatment plan. Such as: die steel H13 die when they need to choose a vacuum heating temperature quenching, strict of parts size of products also add a cold treatment; 40 cr will need to select box-type furnace heating medium temperature quenching, strict products need to choose a vacuum oil quenching temperature; Then need to select crmnti carburizing and quenching temperature heating; 38 crmnal requires nitriding treatment. 

Parts after vacuum heat treatment parts, small distortion, high quality, flexible operation and process itself, pollution-free. Therefore vacuum heat treatment is not only a necessary means of some special alloy heat treatment, and in general also find application in engineering of heat treatment of steel, especially tools, moulds and precision coupling, etc., after vacuum heat treatment the general heat treatment has a larger increase the service life. Some mould after vacuum heat treatment, for example, the life of 40 ~ 400% higher than the original salt bath treatment, while there are many tools to improve the life of a 3 ~ 4 times the left and right sides. In addition, the vacuum furnace can work under high temperature, and can keep clean the surface of the workpiece, which can accelerate the chemical adsorption and reaction process of heat treatment. 

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