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Cold work die steel is wear-resisting performance is high

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Cold work die steel is wear-resisting performance is high

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Cold work die steel is wear-resisting performance is high, are generally high specifications, performance will be so good, in a certain temperature and processing performance is stable, so how general processing? High wear resistance cold work die steel is generally high carbon high chromium steel, on behalf of the steel grade are: Cr12, Cr12MoV, Cr12Mo1V1, Cr12W, Cr12V, LD (7 cr7mo2v2si), ER5 (Cr8MoWV3Si), GM (cr6, 9 - W3Mo2V2), etc. 

Cold work die steel hardenability, abrasion resistance and toughness in the requirement for the cutlery steel. While in the aspect of red hardness demands is low or basically didn't (because is cold forming), so also formed some accordingly for cold work die steel, for example, developed the high wear-resisting, micro deformation of cold work die steel, high toughness cold work die steel, and so on. 

Cold work die steel compared with the cutlery steel. There are many things in common. Mould has high hardness and wear resistance, high bending strength and toughness, enough to ensure the stamping process smoothly, the difference between mold shape and complex process. Friction and the area is large. Wear more likely. So difficult to grinding. Therefore requires a higher wear resistance to change mould to work under pressure. And due to the complex shape is easy to produce stress concentration, so the requirement with high toughness; Mold size, complicated shape. So to demand higher hardenability, small deformation and cracking tendency. 

Crack fracture resistance: when a micro cracks exist in cold work die steel, the fracture resistance greatly abate. Therefore, cannot use various fracture resistance of smooth sample testing, to evaluate fracture of crack resistance. According to fracture mechanics theory, fracture toughness index can be used to characterize the fracture resistance of the body of crack. 

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