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Vacuum heat treatment of a complicated shape from high temperature continuous rapid cooling

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Vacuum heat treatment of a complicated shape from high temperature continuous rapid cooling

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Large vacuum heat treatment of complicated shape workpiece during rapid cooling from high temperature continuous prone to deformation and crack. Previously available salt bath isothermal quenching. In a single chamber vacuum high-pressure gas cooling quenching furnace can in air-cooled isothermal quenching? Figure 1 is in with the function of convection heating single chamber high pressure gas cooling quenching furnace on two groups of phi 320 mm x 120 mm two fold after quenching of carbon steels with different cooling patterns on the results. Figure is a set of curves after 102 ℃ heating o, under pressure from 6 x 105 pa continuous with high purity nitrogen cooling (alternates direction is up, down, 40 s switch at a time) 

Most of the heat treatment process is a cycle operation, it is a collective action. Heat treatment process, therefore, there is work boundaries are not clear, such as a batch of parts quenching may be performed by two shifts, quenching and tempering are often performed by two shifts, etc., combined with the homework personnel quality is uneven, perfect management measures are small enough, production process often appear quality problem 

Mould will happen in the process of machining large machining stress, so it is necessary to remove the this some stress before quenching. After rough machining and finish machining, it is necessary for secondary stress relieving, and then to repair the mould, then group eventually quenching. Or you will make the mould deformation occurred during quenching process is too large. Technology for mould heating and temperature to 600-600 ℃ to after 2-3 hours heat preservation, along with the furnace slow to come under 400 ℃ cold air cooling. Before quenching of finishing grinding allowance notice to leave. 

Vacuum heat treatment is the combination of vacuum technology and heat treatment technology of new heat treatment technology, vacuum heat treatment in vacuum environment refers to less than one bar atmosphere environment, including low vacuum, moderate vacuum, high vacuum and high vacuum, vacuum heat treatment also belong to the controlled atmosphere heat treatment. Vacuum heat treatment is to point to the whole and part of heat treatment process in a vacuum, vacuum heat treatment can achieve almost all of the conventional heat treatment process of heat treatment can involve, but heat treatment quality greatly improved. 

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