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Commonly used hot forging die steel properties

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Commonly used hot forging die steel properties

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Forging die steel

Deformation toughness high chromium steel. Japan's Hitachi plant type production. Due to the steel in MO, V content increased, the improvement of steel casting organization, refine the grain, improve the carbide morphology, and the tenacity of steel (bending strength, deflection, impact toughness, etc.) than SKD1, D2, high wear resistance is increased, and has higher resistance to drawability. Practice shows that the steel die life than Cr12mov improved. Often require high manufacturing mold, such as the tensile modulus, impact of the grinding wheel piece mould, etc. High toughness high chromium steel, Japan's big homologous strain type production. 


Hot forging die steel hardness is higher than SKD11. High temperature (520-530) of 62-63 HRC after tempering hardness, DC53 in terms of strength and abrasion resistance than SKD11, toughness is twice the SKD11. DC53 toughness rarely appear cracks and crack in cold work mould manufacturing. Greatly improving the service life. The residual stress is small. The high temperature back to reduce the residual stress. Because of the cracks and deformation after wire-cutting processing, be suppressed, cutting and grinding than SKD11. Used in precision stamping die, cold forging, deep drawing mould, etc. Chrome steel toughness. 


Japan's Hitachi plant type production. On the technical improvement of steel casting organization, refine the grain size. The Cr12mov toughness and wear resistance increased. Prolong the service life of the mold. High carbon high chromium steel, cold work produced in the United States. With high hardenability, quenching hardness, wear resistance, high temperature oxidation resistance after quenching and polishing corrosion resistance, heat treatment deformation is small, appropriate manufacturing various high-precision, long-life cold work mould, cutting tools and measuring tools, such as drawing die, cold extrusion 


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